Online Poker Payout / Withdrawal Methods For USA Players

Online poker in the US is still a little bit shaky, reeling from the impact of 2011's Black Friday event which shut down American's access to the world's biggest poker sites. The main problem for Americans playing online poker is depositing and withdrawing funds from their player account. The good news is that many poker rooms still accept American customers and offer payout / withdrawal methods targeted specifically to the US market.

Withdrawal Methods Americans Trust for Online Poker Payouts

Below we have a quick breakdown on the most popular American payout methods at online poker rooms that accept US bets. Each breakdown will offer a quick set of pros and cons.

Checks/Money Orders - The method used by most Americans for payouts is receiving a check or money order for their balance in the mail. The biggest downside to this method is the time it can take for your check to arrive from your online poker room's cashier; even if you pay a little extra for delivery by-courier (such as FedEx or UPS), you'll still be waiting a few days for your payout.

Wire Transfers - In some cases, online poker rooms that accept Americans allow you to accept payouts via wire transfer. The biggest downside to accepting a wire transfer payout from an online casino is the set of fees attached to such withdrawals - you'll be wasting some of your winnings paying fees to the wire transfer service your poker room uses for this kind of payout.

Bank Wires - Some online poker rooms have gone back to using bank wires but not for deposits... instead they are now using them as a reliable payout method. Unlike deposit which can be denied, bank wires usually encounter no troubles at all as long as the correct information is provided. This is a method that many overlook or are simply unsure of, but it is definitely one you can rely on when it comes to getting your money out of a poker site.

Which Poker Rooms Have The Easiest Withdrawal Methods?

The best US poker sites for easy withdrawals are those that offer one or more of the methods listed above. Payouts from US-facing poker rooms are a bit of a headache, as long as the federal government maintains its vaguely anti-online poker position. Our writers have real-money player accounts at these sites and use their American-friendly withdrawal methods all the time.

- Takes Players From 47 States - No New York, Maryland, Washington

Bovada Poker Room - Fast Withdrawal Options Available To USA Players

Since Bovada was designed for US customers exclusively, you can be sure that they have payout methods designed for Americans. Bovada is a totally safe place to play online poker, since it was built with existing American laws against certain financial transactions in mind. The withdrawal methods availavble to you at Bovada are all legal under current federal and state laws, though some customers will find they aren't allowed to sign up for an account; specifically, players in Louisiana and Oregon.

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BetOnline Poker - Offers More Payout Methods Than Most Other Sites

Though BetOnline is not an American-only poker room, it has a few payout methods that Americans have access to, and the site accepts poker bets from all Americans, unlike Bovada which restricts access to USA poker players from certain states. BetOnline is a big name in the worldwide gambling industry, and though American online poker players don't have access to all of their payout methods, BetOnline does offer some US-friendly withdrawal methods.

Bovada Is Legal For All U.S. Players