Poker Deposit Options For USA Players

For American poker players in today’s climate, finding the poker room with the best available deposit methods is crucial. Many players are not playing because they don’t think there is a way to get money online. While poker deposit methods for USA players have dwindled, you still have ample opportunity to get online and start playing poker.

It’s important to know what methods are available to you as an American before you start playing. If you fail at using one method, there are other options out there, so don’t get frustrated, simply find an alternative. The good news is; we’ve already found the best methods for Americans to deposit into a poker room. With the methods outlined below, you should have no issues getting money online and continue to enjoy the game we all love.

What Is The UIGEA?

The UIGEA, or; Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006, was an online gambling law passed by good ole; George W. Bush. The intent behind this law was to stop terrorists from laundering money and was attached to the Safe Port Act.

Many Americans have the misconception that the UIGEA makes it illegal to play online poker. This is actually not even close to being true. The law itself makes it illegal for American financial institutions to accept and process payments from online gaming companies.

Best USA Poker Deposit Methods

Poker rooms have gotten creative and savvy with the way they handle and process American deposits. This creative maneuvering has allowed most Americans to use their major credit cards as a means to get money online. Using a Visa or MasterCard is still the easiest way for Americans to deposit and play poker online.

Using a credit card can be fickle at times however. Some attempts may get declined, but other will go right through. I would estimate that 95% of the time they work just fine. But, don’t be upset if at first it doesn’t work. Often times, you simply wait a little bit and try again.

What If My Credit Card Doesn't Work When Making My Deposit?

For the small percent of Americans who have troubles with credit cards, you’re still in good shape. You will have other options available to you that are easy to use and work just about every time. You can learn about these methods by reading below.

Wire Transfers: Going with a wire transfer is quickly becoming a popular way for Americans to deposit. A wire transfer is basically using a place such as Western Union. It’s completely safe and you can use cash in hand to make a transfer directly to the poker room. You will usually see the money credited to your account within minutes. There will be fees based on how much cash you are depositing, but these fees are charged by the transfer service, not the poker room accepting American players.

Prepaid Cards: A pre-paid credit card is pretty much exactly like a regular credit card. You go to a local gas station, grocery store, just about anywhere will sell them these days, and load it up with how much you want. You can use the credit card option in your poker rooms cashier to make the deposit using this pre-paid card. The time it takes to see the money in your account is almost instant once approved.

Money Orders/Checks/Cashier’s Check: As a last resort, you can send in a physical check, money order or cashier’s check. This will take some time to see in your account obviously. Time will depend on how long it takes to get to the poker site. It is a sure fire way to get money online though. A cashier’s check or money order would work best as its guaranteed form the bank or place you paid for it. This way there is no additional waiting for a personal check to clear.

Person to Person: Some sites will allow players to make transfers between accounts. If you have a friend, you can ask them to transfer money to your account in exchange for cash in hand or through various online wallets like; PayPal. Most transfers are processed within an hour or less and you will have the money deposited directly into your poker account once it’s approved. Other types of person to person transfers may allow someone to transfer money directly to the poker room which will be credited to your account.

Site to Site Transfers: Some sites will have separate sports book or partner sites that will allow you to transfer money between accounts. Since each part of the network requires a separate account, the cashier allows used may be different and accept other forms of deposit. If you can get money on to one of these accounts, you can then transfer it over to your poker account if the site has this option.

Best Places To Play Poker That Have Easy Deposits

If you’re struggling to find a good online poker room with good options for Americans to deposit, we have some very good choices for you. Each room has been tested and used by us to ensure its legitimacy and how easy it is to make a deposit. They come highly recommended and are considered safe, reliable and have easy ways to deposit.

- High Success Rate With U.S. VISA Credit/Debit Transactions

Bovada Poker - One Of Largest Post-Black Friday Poker Rooms Online

Bovada caters to Americans and has some of the best options for Americans to make deposits. Visa is the only credit/debit deposit methods method, but if that doesn’t work for you, there are other options. Since Bovada is set up for Americans, they also have other deposit methods such as their highly efficient Rapid Transfer, or through the use of wire transfers.

Along with easy deposit methods, Bovada offers a 100% match deposit bonus up to $1,000 for first time, real money depositors. The traffic is solid with plenty of action going on 24/7 and all the popular games can be found. For the tournament players, you will find a nice selection guaranteed prize pools up to $100k every month.

- Lifetime Reload Bonuses Let Players Collect Up To $900 Every Deposit

BetOnline Poker - Easy Deposit Methods Most With Instant Transactions

BetOnline is another site that works tirelessly for Americans rights to play poker online and ensure you have plenty of ways to get your money online. Visa and American Express credit cards are accepted as well as, Visa debit and gift cards. You may also use; Person to Person, Money Orders, or Cashier’s checks. Checks take between 2 and 4 business days to be credited to your account. BetOnline does not accept personal checks or money orders from banks. You can get these money orders at Wal Mart, grocery stores, Post Offices or anywhere else that sells them, other than a bank.

If you’re interested in playing at BetOnline, you can get a $900 reload bonus on every deposit. Simply make a first deposit and get a 100% match up to $900 on it. Once a member, you will enjoy easy to use software, all your favorite games and massive amounts of guaranteed cash in their tournaments.

FAQs About Poker Deposit Methods

What are the fees associated with wire transfers?

The fees will vary on how much you deposit, but won’t cost a fortune. The poker site will not charge you again; it’s a one-time fee from the transfer service just the same as you'd be charged for a payout.

What happens if my VISA prepaid card doesn’t work?

Unfortunately, you are likely stuck with the gift card as they do not allow returns on these. However, the gift card is just like having cash and can be used at almost any store. It won’t be like you’re out the money you used to put on the card. The only loss will be the small fee to purchase the card. To avoid this, it's best to check with the poker room's cashier to find out exactly which options are accepted before running out to pickup a prepaid card.

Is it illegal to make a deposit to an online poker room?

The truth is, not at all. You should never worry about getting in trouble for making a deposit, or even playing online poker for that matter. Both are 100% legal and you will never get in any trouble.

Bovada Is Legal For All U.S. Players